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Vasilenko Konstantins [Maverick]

Looking for Java Freelancers

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Looking for people who are willing to work in Europe/Worldwide as Java Contractors.

What we offer:
- Help with "How to Get Started" with Contracting including a ready scenario for opening your own SIA
- Searching for suitable Role/Position/County/Rates for you and your skills
- We care about you as person working via our company (not sell&forget approach, this is our main difference comparing to other headhunting agencies)

What is required from you:
- rich experience in your area to be competitive on the market
- self-confidence to start independent style of work
- willingness and availability to relocate to another country for a period if time
- strong desire and motivation to become a freelancer and get European compensation for your skills

if you are interested or want to get a consultation on this subject please send your CV and Motivation letter to

Average European rates for experts vary from 300-600 Eur all inclusive per day worked.

Start earning real money if you are ready for that!
Publikācijas datums: 28.01.2011 18:43
Skype konts: maverick_lv
Tālrunis: 26672301
Projekts ir orientēts uz darbiniekiem ar specializāciju "Programmēšanas konsultēšana"
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